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Most heard misconceptions about wordpress

WordPress is considered as the easiest platform for developing a website. But along with this, there are thousands of misconceptions attached to it which people keep talking about. People with lesser knowledge about WordPress usually are the one who keep spreading the misconceptions. So let’s clear those misconceptions with the help of below mentioned points.

  • 1. WordPress is only for blogging – Agreed. WordPress was started as a blogging platform but with the passage of time it has managed to become a full-fledged content management platform which can handle all your website requirements. WordPress can fulfil all your website requirements reason being it’s so extensible. It is the fastest, reliable, safe and powerful website platform you can think of.
  • 2. WordPress is an insecure platform – Yes, you read it right! Misconceptions are that WordPress is an insecure and unsafe platform to keep all your information and can be easily hacked by hackers. As and when something becomes popular, it is for sure it gains attraction and that is reason people try to hack it and not because it is insecure.
    And apart from this, which platform claims to be full proof? No one. Irrespective of its WordPress or any other platform, the user himself will have to take care of using high security passwords and regularly updating them.
  • 3. Difficult to use – No other platform can be as user friendly as WordPress. Yes, it could require a little patience from getting started with hosting to installing and picking up domain but once you are through with it, WordPress will seem as the easiest of all platforms to use.
  • 4. Too Expensive – Everyone has their own definition of expensive. Something that seems expensive to mean, say for $100, might not be expensive for someone else. So, hosting your WordPress website at lesser price is up to you.
  • 5. Installing plugins makes your website slow –The speed of the website is not determined by how many plugins have you installed but with the codes installed in your website is the reason that makes it slow.
  • 6. WordPress cannot handle e-commerce – WordPress platform has all the features, necessary plugins, and customization options to run an e-commerce website. It is all about exploring, taking risk and succeeding. Until you take the risk you won’t be able to explore and succeed.
  • 7. WordPress isn’t responsive – It doesn’t depends on your platform but certainly depends upon the theme which you are using. Most of the themes of WordPress are responsive, it is just you should know how to make it such.
  • 8. WordPress sites look similar – WordPress has numerous themes available, some are free whereas some are paid. Though it depends entirely upon the developer, they can customize it as per the need.
  • 9. Beginners use WordPress – It is a big misconception that WordPress is mainly used by beginners. Although this is not true. WordPress is used by beginners without any coding skill, but it is also used by corporations, programmers and developers too. It is equally famous between beginners and advance level users.
  • 10. No adequate support – Another misconception carried by people who do not know much about WordPress is there is no adequate support available when you are stuck somewhere. Rather the reality is, it is run by huge number of developers, programmers, designers and community members.

At the end to sum up, WordPress is the easiest CMS platform you have been looking for. Before you believe any myth or misconception, always do a cross check.

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