Inflexion Analytics is a data analytics and consulting company that provides custom solutions to clients in various industries. One of their clients, a large retail company, was facing challenges with their inventory management system.

The retail company had a large number of products, and their existing system was not providing accurate data on the inventory levels, leading to stockouts and overstocks. They were also facing difficulties in forecasting demand and optimizing their inventory levels.

Inflexion Analytics worked with the client to develop a custom inventory management system using advanced data analytics techniques. The system used real-time data from the point of sale systems to track sales and inventory levels, and used predictive analytics algorithms to forecast demand and optimize inventory levels.

Project challenges

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Our process

  • Conceptualization

    The client's requirements are gathered and analyzed. The project scope and goals are defined, and a project plan is created that outlines the development schedule, resources required, and budget.

  • Design

    The design of the product is created based on the requirements gathered in the planning phase.

  • Development

    The development team writes the code for theproject based on the design. The code is tested, and any bugs or issues are addressed.

  • Testing

    Website is tested to ensure that it meets the client's requirements and is free of bugs and errors.

  • Deployment

    The Project is deployed to the client's environment. This may involve installing the system on the client's servers.


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