Life Beyond the Code

  • We celebrate special occasions
  • We head out for a cheerful and memorable office trip every year
  • We offer team-building activities
  • The company values diversity, inclusivity, and open communication.

Comfort & Atmosphere

  • Widened working space for enhanced comfort during office hours
  • Cafeteria and eating space to allow employee rejuvenation and gossip
  • Greenery around the office space encourages a love for nature
  • Restroom for employees, if they need a break from coding

Strong Technical Culture

  • We encourage technical training programmes to upskill employees
  • We solve all technical hiccups in projects as a team
  • Juniors are always guided or supervised by their seniors for collective growth
  • We stay updated with the latest technology upgrades over time

Compensation & Benefits

  • Employees are rewarded for their exceptional work on a monthly basis
  • We offer free snacks and soft drinks
  • Timely promotions based on qualifications, skills and expertise are encouraged
  • Leave policy is very lenient at Bizdesire